Talking Music: Searchers Star, Mike Pender

“It’s nice to get some of the cheques through for royalties after fifty years,” singer and musician, Mike Pender tells Andy Howells as he discusses his days with the 1960s chart act, The Searchers.  Mike still enjoys the thrill of getting paid for work he did over half a century ago. “Of course, you still have toContinue reading “Talking Music: Searchers Star, Mike Pender”

Doctor Who Enters A New Dimension With Binaural Sound Mix

A Newport Grade 2 listed building is set to take a centre place in the action in a ground breaking episode of Doctor Who available on the BBC IPlayer from Saturday. The Doctor Who production team recently returned to Fields House, which was built in 1860, in order for it to double as a newContinue reading “Doctor Who Enters A New Dimension With Binaural Sound Mix”

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