Laughter Lines: Angela Barnes Discusses Rose-Tinted

Her new show is called Rose-Tinted, which suggests Angela Barnes is a glass-half-full kind of woman. Yet the stand-up, while being bright and cheery in person, admits being a pessimist. The stand-up star chats to Vanessa Lee.

Two Comedy Stand-Up Dates in Wales For Glenn Moore

Edinburgh Comedy Award Nominee 2018, writer, and stand-up Glenn Moore heads to Wales this week for two dates as part of his first nationwide tour with a two-hour show featuring  scintillating one-liners and elaborate personal stories. 

Eye-Opening Gods & Kings Comes To Newport’s Riverfront For World Mental Health Day!

This year for World Mental Health Day (10 October) Newport’s The Riverfront Theatre and Arts Centre will be presenting a brand-new studio theatre show which they have co-produced with Four in Four Productions.

15 Powerful Performances To Enjoy : International Concert Series 2019-20

THE International Concert Series returns to Cardiff’s St David’s Hall with 15 powerful performances from Prague to Reykjavik.

Talking Music: Rhys Davis of Super Marine Discusses Debut Single, Decadent Flowers

Following the release of their debut single, Decadent Flowers Blackwood based band Super Marine are performing several dates including a hometown single launch at the Blackwood Miners’ Institute tonight (October 5) and a slot at Swn festival in Cardiff on October 19. Andy Howells recently put questions to vocalist and guitarist Rhys Davis about theContinue reading “Talking Music: Rhys Davis of Super Marine Discusses Debut Single, Decadent Flowers”

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