On Stage: The Sooty Show (2015 Tour)

What better way to get the family Easter break underway than a trip to St David’s Hall to see The Sooty Show? I wasn’t unfamiliar with this family friendly experience having already taken two of my children to see the little yellow bear, his friends Soo, Sweep, Butch, Ramsbottom and straight-man and presenter Richard CadellContinue reading “On Stage: The Sooty Show (2015 Tour)”

Experiencing Monty Python’s Spamalot On And Off The Stage

Ten seconds in a musical is a long time. I’m not talking about the actual performance of an individual performer but all the components that go together to make that performance. The preparation of the cast, crew and musicians, from wardrobe dressing to rehearsal, every prop, player and performer plays a part in bringing aContinue reading “Experiencing Monty Python’s Spamalot On And Off The Stage”

On Stage: TAN, Newport Riverfront

Welsh history came alive on Friday evening as Harnisch-Lacey Dance’s double bill Spin and TAN premiered at Newport Riverfront. Dance trio Daniel Ovel, Jacob Smart and Tom Tindall mesmerised the audience in the opening 20 minutes of the show with Sandra Harnisch-Lacey’s 2014 Edinburgh Fringe success Spin. A breathtaking demonstration of modern dance, Spin wasContinue reading “On Stage: TAN, Newport Riverfront”

On Stage: The Nutcracker On Ice, Wales Millennium Centre

Christmas may still be well over a month away but after witnessing the opening night of The Imperial Ice Stars production of The Nutcracker on Ice on Friday evening, it was impossible not to walk away feeling a tiny bit seasonal. The combination of Tchaikovsky’s music, colourfully designed sets and stunningly choreographed ice dance routines incorporatingContinue reading “On Stage: The Nutcracker On Ice, Wales Millennium Centre”

On Stage: Stop Messing About – The Kenneth Williams Extravaganza

Stop Messing About is the oft quoted catchphrase associated with the late, great comedy actor and raconteur Kenneth Williams but was also the title of a largely forgotten radio series featuring the star of several films in the Carry On series. Williams found himself fronting his own radio series after his Round the Horne co-star,Continue reading “On Stage: Stop Messing About – The Kenneth Williams Extravaganza”

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