Frozen’s Elsa Comes To Life For Disney Ice Show – Sophia Adams Interview

Andy Howells discovers former competitive skater Sophia Adams new life as Disney on Ice star, Elsa from Frozen.

“Its actually like a whole different chapter in my life, I never saw myself doing this, its been a very interesting year,” says former competitive skater Sophia Adams as she tells Andy Howells about her magical role as Frozen’s Elsa which comes to Cardiff Motorpoint Arena this week as part of the UK leg of Disney On Ice’s Magical Ice Festival.

“When you’re competing its just you out there,” says the 21-year-old skater who hails from Anaheim, California, “whereas now I’m somebody else and giving these kids something that they love, its really rewarding, there’s always lots of Elsa’s in the audience and its nice to do it for them.”

A New Twist On Disney Classics

The show is a new twist on fairy-tale fun featuring four magical tales including Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, The Little Mermaid and Frozen. Each segment took two weeks to rehearse before going on tour and Sophia has been enjoying the challenge of her new role in the show.

Frozen is by far my favourite,” she says, “it features a really good ensemble number with all the princesses and the princes. It has a lot of interesting effects, not just the skating there’s all the technical effects that go into it which are very creative.”

Disney On Ice Appeal For All

Sophia says that the ice spectacular will have appeal to older Disney fans too, “Beauty and the Beast is something I grew up with, so for someone as old as me who went through that phase in our childhood, we get to revisit it again.”

I wonder if the show will have appeal to both girls and boys, Sophia thinks so, as she reveals that the princess skaters aren’t necessarily the most popular characters from Frozen.

“Sven the reindeer and Olaf (Frozen’s Snowman star) get more applause,” she laughs,” he’s definitely the favourite of the whole ice show!”

Sophia will continue in her role as Elsa until the end of May. Then she will be exchanging Elsa’s Frozen world for her own Californian home, “I’m going to go home and lie on a beach for a couple of weeks,” she laughs ,”We’ve had amazing weather (on the UK Tour) which was very unexpected, but I’m now ready for hot weather!”

  • Disney on Ice presents Magical Ice Festival is appearing at the Motorpoint Arena Cardiff 29 April – 3rd May 2015.

  • Archived: April 2020

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