Laughter Lines: Good Times with Omid Djalili

Following the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, comedian, actor, and writer Omid Djalili, rescheduled his South Wales Good Times tour dates. Omid will now be performing in Swansea at the Grand on September 27th and Cardiff at the St David’s Hall on September 28th.

Well-loved for his legendary stand-up shows, Omid’s Good Times Tour is an ode to all that is hilariously silly and a celebration of life and its simple pleasures. From the absurdities of early Covid restrictions to the C-words (cancel culture), Omid shares anecdotes about his struggles as a live entertainer. Omid’s original material also continues to explore the diversity of modern Britain.

Omid Djalili is performing in Cardiff’s St David’s Hall on September 9th and Swansea Grand on September 10th.

Andy Howells puts questions to Omid about his life in comedy!

How did you get into stand-up comedy?

I used to be a woman. When I finally had the op and became a man, I took one look at my p**** and couldn’t stop writing jokes, so come see my show. It’s like watching Eddie Izzard’s career backwards.

Who are your comedy heroes and why?

Max Boyce, Rob Brydon, Rhod Gilbert, Gladys Morgan…

To be honest I just Googled “Famous Welsh comedians” in an attempt to appear knowledgeable about the rich comedic history of Wales. One of the people on the list was Bennett Arron. Even Bennett Arron doesn’t know who he is.

So I’m going with Larry David, Billy Crystal and Billy Connolly (all from Merthyr Tydfil)

If you hadn’t become a stand-up comedian, what would you be?

A Tessie O’Shea tribute act. No, I’m still looking at the list of famous Welsh comedians. I think if I wasn’t a comic I would still be in some form of entertainment. Maybe I could work for the Dirty Sanchez boys as something they use to hurt themselves with? 

Can you tell us about your show?


What do you hope the audience will take away from the show?

A new and joyful way of dealing with the difficulties life can bring. Though last time I was in Cardiff the crowd ripped out the seats and took them away to use as snow sleds 🛷 so I hope that doesn’t happen again. The theatre made me pay for all of them. I essentially bankrolled the Cardiff ski and snowboard centre. And do I get any credit?

What’s the funniest or most peculiar thing that’s happened to you at a comedy gig?

​​One time in Reading I walked on and said, “Good evening, Reading…” and a woman in the crowd shouted, “Oh Shut up about Reading!” When I asked her what her problem was, she said, “You’ve done nothing but have a go and bang on Reading since the moment you got here.” I had literally been on stage for 10 seconds and the only thing I’d said was, “Good evening, Reading.” Then the man next to her got up and and started leaving. I said, “Do you know this woman?” and he said, “Yes. I’m her carer, and to be honest, when she gets like this, I just can’t be dealing with her.”

Have you got any other projects you are working on now that we can look out for in the future?

Dw i’n dysgu siarad Cymraeg er mwyn gallu ymddangos ar deledu Cymraeg a sarhau llywodraeth Prydain heb iddyn nhw wybod. Gallant fod yn sensitif iawn, fel y gwyddoch yr wyf yn siŵr.

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