Dramatic Moose Celebrate Fifth Anniversary with Performances of The Universe PLC

Dramatic Moose Productions return to Cardiff’s Little Man coffee shop in October with performances of their two-man play, The Universe PLC.

Based on an original script by Patrick Wade and Len Rice, edited and updated by Matthew Fisher, The Universe PLC is described as a light-hearted and thought-provoking play that aims to highlight the question: ‘What really is important to you?”

Featuring Ben Wilson and Matthew Fisher, The Universe PLC follows Guy, who has his normal routine flipped upside down when he casually meets God in a coffee shop…but God isn’t exactly what he was expecting!

Matthew Fisher explains, “This is a special play for us. Back in 2016, Ben and I performed this play at Chapter Arts Centre for 2 sold out nights. We had fantastic feedback, both about the play and our performances.

Dramatic Moose Productions return with The Universe PLC in Cardiff

“This was the turning point for me, to start writing! In fact, if we didn’t have the positive feedback from the audience then “Dramatic Moose Productions” never would have formed. Which means Abandoned wouldn’t have been written, working with Gareth David-Lloyd in Deliver Us From Gee would have not come to fruition, we wouldn’t have the awards/accolades we received from the past 5 years. And most importantly, the friendships that we hold dear now would not have existed.

“After the ups and downs of the past few years, we thought it would be a fun idea to revisit the play that began it all for us.”

The presentation coincides with Dramatic Moose Productions 5th Birthday, and to celebrate audiences can purchase tickets to the show at only £5.55 per ticket!

There are three opportunities to see The Universe PLC at Little Man Coffee Co, Bridge Street, Cardiff from Thursday 5th to Saturday 7th October 2023.

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